Hi, I'm Samahat.

Multidisciplinary Designer, Technology Geek & Professional Foodie!

I have been coding websites since I was 9 years old—back in the good ol' HTML & CSS days, when the go-to application was Microsoft FrontPage. In high school I was part of the Cyber ARTS program where I further advanced my own self-taught code, dabbled in the traditional arts and explored digital design. As an OCAD University Alumnus, I obtained my Bachelors of Design with a major in Graphic Design.

Now, a creative and collaborative Graphic Designer with over 10 years of professional experience, I focus on User Interface Design, digital and print marketing campaigns, communications, social media content management, project management and strategy development. I am highly proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Fiery, AutoCAD, Google Ads and Analytics. I am also skilled at developing both internal and external design materials such as online assets, event collateral (website, videos, invitations, brochures, signage etc.), Powerpoint presentations, branding, sales tools and trainings. Lastly, and most importantly, I possess a strong drive to succeed, an innovative mindset, extensive experience, and the ability to work both in independent and team environments.

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